Mission and Vision


Mathematics Department of Yildiz University was established in 1982 and 

received its first mathematics students in 1984. Since then, the department

has graduated many students and also offered mathematics courses to the

other departments of the university. The department currently has 43 PhD

holding academic staff and 38 teaching assistants. The Department offers

the main courses that serve as the core for a mathematics graduate in

different areas of mathematics. In the last two years the program offers many

selective courses in different and current interesting topics related to

mathematics such as actuarial mathematics, coding theory, cryptography, etc.

Hence the students have opportunity to focus on special topics before graduation.

The department is proud to receive students within the first top 5 state based universities.



Further, the students are supposed to write a thesis project in order to graduate.

Besides the undergraduate program, the department has a rich graduate program

currently with 100 students enrolled in different areas of mathematics. There are

weakly research seminars hold in the department where the academic staff and students

have opportunity to share their experiences and research. The academic staff of our

department visits other universities and also our department receives visitors from abroad. 


The department is eager to collaborate with other academic departments by exchanging

students and staff so that it can serve and benefit from these exchanges. 


If you have any questions or remarks please do not hesitate to contact us.